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at the same time [...]… He was an ex-special forces soldier, and he was by far the TOUGHEST guy
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They were just begging for us to twist an ankle, but our battleworn ankles came out on top.
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The employee's company pays for all repayments to the finance company while the employee enjoys full use of the motor vehicle.
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{kg|kilograms} (2 {kg|kilograms} SD) for Remeron-treated {patients|clients|people|individuals} versus
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Contrairement aux inhibiteurs de la phosphodiestérase, ce médicament agit tout seul sans l’influence d’un désir majeur
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These options can have significant side effects and complications, so they are only undertaken when no other treatment strategies have worked
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pandemic influenza A(H1N1) viral isolates and seasonal viruses isolated in northern France in 2007/08
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