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It gives us a chance to accomplish our mission, which is much more than just delivering furniture — it’s about bringing Christ’s hope and love to them
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“[The use of vending machines to distribute marijuana] is just one more step toward legalization and just makes marijuana quicker and easier to get.”
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If I understand the point of the article, and maybe I didn't, it's that different things help different people.
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Some of you have already been reading on the MSM outlets about a study in which all but one participant … at least mitigate one risk factor of AD which is Depression
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we could ask all the same people we know to sponsor us again — so we’ve asked them to join
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Seems, at least in our town- Price fixing is perhaps an emerging issue
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Community service is not merely an act of surplus—something nice to do with extra money or extra time
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so we use a little trash can I just use grocery bags and replace 2x a day
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and the Trileptal reporting rate of Stevens Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis is 3 to 10 times
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14 day RSI is above 50 with higher lows from a low of 30, pointing to strength in the positive trend
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