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It is important to properly balance ALL hormones (thyroid, adrenal, insulin, etc.) since the proper function of one hormone system requires the proper function of the other hormone systems.

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valued on the number of interactions, patients seen, and billable events.

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EMRs are categorized only by usage level, not how well they were implemented, what level of integration they have, and which vendor’s product was involved

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To put this in a bit of perspective, this means that there was one possible case of kava causing liver damage for every 100 million doses of kava that were sold (Stevinson, Huntley & Ernst, 2002).

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Department of Health & Human Services, "gives you rights over your health information and sets rules and limits on who can look at and receive your health information."

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is really what sets us apart," Sirius XM CFO Frear said at a December 3 investor conference. @carterdoyle:disqus

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Today, Apple is selling iPhones and iPads at margins its competitors envy and prices they can’t compete with